Welcome to the WST

WST is a level 2 BEE water and effluent treatment solution provider associated with TAZCHEM (Pty) Ltd, a major water treatment chemicals supplier in the Southern African Region. WST focus on the design, manufacture, installation and operation of industrial effluent treatment plants in small to medium sized factories. We strive to limit all relevant parameters to within municipal discharge regulations by designing custom solutions to suit the client’s specific needs. We further strive to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future by implementing systems for measuring, monitoring and re-use of treated effluent.

We combine the latest and most effective technologies and process knowledge with years of experience, to provide maximum waste reduction and cost savings while minimizing safety and environmental concerns. WST concentrates on helping your company meet, and then surpass, municipal regulations and your own SHERQ standards in a way that improves your bottom line over the long-term.

WST's knowledge of chemical engineering and processing, along with our industrial experience in the design and start-up of these operating systems, gives us the unique ability to design and build fully integrated systems. This expertise allows us to provide our clients with effective processing systems using the best available technology with state of the art PLC/PC automation and controls.

WE custom design and install potable and effluent water treatment and recycling systems for all industries.

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